Agamemnon Bros.

Extend Your Kingdom

Everybody knows the saying that the client is king. Well, so are we… King by name (Agamemnon) and king by nature (being the king of our respective family castle). And who else than a king can help another king extend his kingdom?
We are big believers in creating trusting partnerships to enable both dominions to grow an this is what we are pursuing.
We are practising what we preach because Agamemnon Bros’ birth stems from a partnership between two members of the Agamemnon tribe.

Two brothers

Leonce, the creative mind, who has had a talent and an eye for design since he was able to hold a pencil and never stopped drawing since. His creativity was not only shown on his drawings but also in everything he was doing. He could also spend hours building amazing Lego spaceships. He was walking around with a bag, in which there always was a pad and a pencil for him to draw on the go.
In 2017, he finally decided to start a freelance career in design and graphic design. he has never looked back since.
In his personal life, he is a proud father of 2 lovely princesses and loves video games, the 7th art and reading Anime books.

Brice, the digital marketer, has always liked numbers and problem-solving. He took this love of problem-solving to study business management followed by a degree in Marketing in Australia.
Over the past 8 years, Brice has been able to work in the digital world and got passionate about the ever-changing ecosystem of digital marketing. He worked in several industries and helped every company he worked for to improve within different aspects of their digital strategies.
In his personal life, he is also a proud father of 2 kids and loves to travel as well as sports (especially football).

Our Alliance

We believe that both our profiles are complementing each other. Why? I hear you asking.
Because design exists to solve a problem and so is digital marketing.
Great designs create an enjoyable experience for your customers to use your website and convey your brand values in a matter of seconds. However, design is not efficient without data. Data coming from a designer’s past experience and research, data about your target audience and the type of experience they enjoy. 

This is where digital marketing (and analytics) come into play. Digital marketing helps identify this target audience and understand your users better.


Let’s grow together!